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Bella Forrest

The Child Thief 3: Thin Lines

The Child Thief 3: Thin Lines

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"It sounded to me like they’ve been watching you—watching us—for a while…"

A decades-old conspiracy. A group of mysterious allies. An entire nation out for their blood.

The Compliance Authority does not take kindly to dissidents. Particularly dissidents who have managed to escape their grasp, not once, but twice.

Things are about to get a lot more dangerous for Robin, Jace, and their team. Making it all the more urgent to figure out what, if anything, Nathan is hiding—as well as if their convenient allies are, in fact, allies.   

Because there's only one thing Robin can be sure of right now... 

The farther they walk along this tightrope of a life they've found themselves trapped in, the thinner the line becomes.

Delve deeper into the world of the child thieves, as Robin and Jace continue their fight for survivaland justice.

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