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Bella Forrest

Harley Merlin 21: Persie Merlin and the Dying Song

Harley Merlin 21: Persie Merlin and the Dying Song

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No one knows what the imperious Victoria Jules has in store for them. Though what’s a few monsters, after all? Persie eats them for breakfast, almost literally. But she’s still in for the biggest, most shocking Purge of her life yet, a Purge that will change her life in unfathomable ways.

As the threat of witch hunters circles the Institute, a mysterious illness begins to affect the Institute’s monsters, and a long-disappeared frenemy reappears with intentions unknown. One thing is clear: they’re here to stir up even more trouble among the local monsters-in-residence, and it seems like it’s working on everyone.

Persie finds herself at the epicenter of a brewing war quickly approaching its boiling point—and all her friends, enemies, and we’ll-find-outs are headed for a collision.

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