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Bella Forrest

Harley Merlin 16: Finch Merlin and the Blood Tie

Harley Merlin 16: Finch Merlin and the Blood Tie

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Finch has never been more in love

In Atlantis, he's finally happy. Sure, it will take his friends time to adjust, but what does that matter now that he has all he's ever wanted? He will do everything in his power to make sure the girl of his dreams can carry out her plans to bring her great city to even greater heights.


Nash never wanted to be tied up in this Atlantis mess, but thanks to his rare Sanguine abilities, he has no choice but to see this mission to its bitter end. With more people wanting his blood than ever, he's forced to go back to the basics: surviving and keeping Huntress safe. If only there were a way to become the hunter instead of the hunted...

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