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Bella Forrest

Darklight 7: Darkfall

Darklight 7: Darkfall

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Time is running out.

Lyra and Dorian gambled their souls in the Higher Plane for the chance to gain powerful allies. And they won. But in their absence, the situation has deteriorated.

Sentiment in the Mortal Plane has turned against vampires, and their allies in the Immortal Plane find themselves hard-pressed to survive. Worse, the tear is more treacherous than ever before. At any moment it could unravel, melding the dark magic of the Immortal Plane with the human world. Not even the afterlife will be safe.

Everything Lyra and Dorian have fought for rides on a final confrontation with the very worst of their enemies: Irrikus himself. Old, unexpected specters are looming in his shadow.

And to save their loved ones, their species, and their very worlds, sacrifices will be made.

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