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Bella Forrest

Darklight 3: Darkworld

Darklight 3: Darkworld

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What lies beyond the tear?

After achieving sanctuary in Scotland, Lyra, Dorian, and their clan have earned a much-deserved reprieve. But they cannot sit still for long.

Darkness rises, unchecked, in both realms, while the tear continues to widen. With Alan’s chilling words ringing in their ears, it is time to face what Dorian has put off for so long: a return to the Immortal Plane.

Lyra remembers her small glimpse into that world, but this time, she will be on the ground, along with a small human-vampire team led by Dorian and Kane. It would be treacherous enough without Dorian’s attraction for her causing near-lethal heartburn... but maybe this journey will help them with that, too.

Together, the team must search for the truth to end the madness.

And discover just how deep the darkness lies.

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