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Bella Forrest

A Shade of Vampire 91: A Gate of Light

A Shade of Vampire 91: A Gate of Light

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The rest of the real Shadians have been transported to the fake Shade and replaced by clones. Sofia, Derek, and the others are thankful to be reunited with their loved ones, but it comes at a price: they’re now trapped in the wrong dimension without a single shimmering portal in sight. In order to stop Hrista from destroying everything they hold dear, Thayen must lead his crew on their most dangerous mission yet—but the journey home proves longer and more unpredictable than they ever imagined.

Now finished with Anunit’s challenges and closer than ever to achieving their shared dream, Tristan and Unending make their way back to The Shade, completely unaware of the big switch that’s happened in their absence. They soon realize something’s not right, but with Death out hunting for the World Crusher and Hrista’s powerful magic cutting them off from the rest of the world, Tristan and a mortal Unending are on their own…

Perilous detours, unexpected friendships, and surprising twists of fate lie ahead—for heroes and villains alike.

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