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Bella Forrest

A Shade of Vampire 90: A Ruler of Clones

A Shade of Vampire 90: A Ruler of Clones

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The universe is filled with secrets and lies. Who can be trusted?

Thayen, Astra, and their fellow Shadians are still trapped in the alternate Shade where, aided by an uneasy alliance with Brandon and Myst, they continue their treacherous search for the rest of their missing friends and the truth behind HQ’s sinister plot.

Back home in the real Shade, Sofia and Derek work with the rest of the team to search for any possible clues related to Isabelle’s clone. What they find opens up a whole new world of questions and raises the stakes even higher for getting Thayen’s group home safely.

Meanwhile, Unending is still reeling from Anunit’s latest revelation and struggling with a deep anger that comes both from within herself and from a mysterious outside source. She and Tristan must work together to face their greatest challenge yet – uncovering Death’s oldest lie and exposing her darkest secrets in the process. But if completing this final task could put others at risk, they may be forced to choose between their own dreams and the greater good.

When light shines in the darkness, all will be revealed.

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