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Bella Forrest

A Shade of Vampire 60: A Voyage of Founders

A Shade of Vampire 60: A Voyage of Founders

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Welcome to Book 1 of Season 8, the beginning of a brand new story...

The Shade's sixth hundredth year is approaching, and the island's younger generations have organized the perfect celebration for The Shade's founders. Derek, Sofia, Lucas, Vivienne and Xavier, Claudia and Yuri, among others, are set to take a vacation on the idyllic world of Strava; a seemingly deserted paradise nestled deep within the In-Between.

All seems to be going well on their much-deserved break, until Derek stumbles upon something that wasn't meant to be found...

A hidden cave, containing centuries' old secrets...

As Derek and his closest friends and family set out to unravel the mystery, the rest of GASP soon becomes involved too... in what will quickly become another breathtaking, jaw-dropping, spine-tingling Shadian adventure!

Prepare for a return of your favorite characters, old and new... 

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