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Bella Forrest

A Shade of Kiev 2

A Shade of Kiev 2

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Book 2 of the completed A Shade of Kiev trilogy, from million-bestselling author Bella Forrest.
"Bella Forrest has created another smash hit. The story of Kiev has me laughing, crying, and feeling like an angry witch myself."  - Kindle customer  
There is much about my past that I have never revealed to anyone.

Nobody knows that, before I lost myself, I was a physician's apprentice.

I have witnessed countless human illnesses.

But I have lived for centuries and never come across a vampire being sick with anything other than his own darkness.

Until today.

I'm staring at my blood on the floor and a raging migraine is taking hold of me.

I'm not sure what to make of it...

Are you ready for the secrets of the monster with red eyes?
"It keeps getting better and better..." - Kindle customer  

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